Welcome to the website dedicated to helping small nonprofit organizations raise more money.

charity-donationWhether you are an executive director, development staff, or board member my goal is to provide relevant content and tips that you can implement in your organization. If you have information to share then please do so. If you need help solving challenges in your organization then you have come to the right place.

If there are topics that you would like to see addressed please feel free to contact me via email. The address is Kevin@smallorgfundraising.com. Keep in mind that I run a small development office in a small nonprofit, I am not a full-time consultant. So, I am dealing with many of the same challenges that you are but will make every effort to respond to you in a timely manner.

This website is meant to be a resource to you and so it is important that you provide input so that I can work to make it as relevant as possible. Again, welcome and let’s work together to raise more money!


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  1. You are point on!

    James Martin

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